Monday, April 21, 2014

(April 21th) - Welcome in my collection ... Yeah...

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Hi guys...
I'm not here to upload my art (I don't drawn) but to show all my collection and find great Artists  for help me raise my Rosalina collection... I'm in love with this Nintendo  character and want to have a  huge collection of her with other female  characters (Yeah, just girls, what a pervert... ^^).

About Rosalina:
Rosalina, knows as Rosetta in Japan or Harmonie in France, is the adoptive mother of the Luma race (the stars) and overseer of the Comet Observatory. She first appeared in Super Mario Galaxy for the Wii, and has also appeared in Mario Kart Wii and 3DS as an unlockable character. Rosalina  wears a silver crown, has platinum blonde hair with a side-fringe, a frilly light blue dress, and carries a wand. Rosalina appears in a non-playable role in Super Mario Galaxy 2, what a pity... T_T

About my collection:
My dream is to have a lot of pictures with Rosalina, of course, but with an other female character, it can be a manga, video game girl or and OC.  Sexy is great, but a little soft  in my collection is not so bad. A pervert can love funny and cute too... ;p

Now I'm looking  for commissions or (the best) for artists who accept  request, I have a wishlish with more than 350 girls and a full body colored drawing with 2 characters, Not very cheap... But it's the price... ^^

Actual collection: 443 drawings ( 247 girls - 60 OC - 74 Solo - 6 Gijinka )
Enjoy it and if you want to participate, don't hesitate contact me... ^^

If you like this blog, don't hesitate to comment,
follow or promote it... It must be really nice...

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Street fighter - Sakura Kasugano

As if I don't have a beautifull bunny Rosalina for you I want to wish you a happy Easter... I know it was yesterday but better later than never. I hope you enjoyed this day so much and received great chocolates... Already finished mine, need more... °w°

Planning to make a Smash Bros. related video with a friend (SFW to be sure you wont have dirty ideas) but at firt we need to learn how use after effects and I'm also looking how too add the same blue effect when a character do out of the screen 'can we say K.O. in this case?).

Today let me show you the craziness of Deviantart with this beautifull pencil illustration by hyokagami. Didn't had time to let a comment on his publication and say how I love this illustration because if you click on his name you will notice than his account was suspended. Recently there is so much ecchi and hentai artists who lost stuff or their entire account. There is photographs really more hot who don't fit D.A. rules but for the site, hentai mean pornography and photographs mean erotic art... So stupid...

The best way for artists was to censor their illustration and create an other account like a blog or tumblr but with Deviantart rules you can't show link to a site with adult stuff and if someone report you, you lost everything... At start the blog was linked on my deviantart account, someone reported me. I was lucky and didn't get banned but all my profile was cleaned and can't promote the blog anymore... And now it's a powerfull artist like hyokagami who disappeared... Naaaa... >.<

I hope hyokagami will be able to notice this post a day, Sakura Kasugano from street fighter and Rosalina enjoying a long and tender kiss, also some sensual touch and a little Luma, love it so much... Anatomy is also perfect, hyokagami really have a great style and as if it's not a colored piece the result is impressive. Small breasts is also a great detail, it don't make this too ladies so hot and keep the drawing more romantic and sensual... Good job hyokagami and thanks sooo much for your support...

Damn, wasn't able to post a little comment on hyokagami publication, now I don't know how show him my hapiness and give him a guve thanks for this amazing illustration... If someone know an other way to contact him, please help me... Please...

Artist: EpicSubterfuge  /  Cost: 0$ (request)

One year ago: Nintendo - Pokemon - #282 Gardevoir

Friday, April 18, 2014

Pokemon - #587 Emolga

Waaah, the week was so fast (and busy), No time to look at new artists but I also forgot to that new publication must be for today... I'm sorry for this late post guys, today the illustration and tomorrow I'll report changes on the page "Where is my pokemon?" and the wishlist.

New pictures done and waiting, it was the last in progress for artist who accepted to join the project so I'll have to restart spam a little... Maybe an illustration still in progress but it will be watersport (pee)... Don't know what I must do with this one... Suggestions?

I talked about edit "Where is my pokemon?" page and I'm sure you understand why with the publication...  A huge thanks to EpicSubterfuge who helped me again with the blog and project while make Rosalina meet a new pokemon lady, Emolga join the party... A so cute and kinky pairing, thanks sooo much for your kindness and support my friend... \(^o^)/

for people who don't own a 3DS or tried Pokemon Mystery Dungeon, Emolga is one of the main character of the story and have a powerfull personallity... He's really the best friend you can expect and it became one of my fav with this game. I'm so glad EpicSubterfuge chosen this pokemon , I always let the artist more freedom I can and choose itself the pokelady he want to pair with Rosalina and for the moment I always have incredible surprises... I hope you like EpicSubterfuge's drawing too guys...

Coincidence, before work on this Roslaina and Emolga piece, EpicSubterfuge received a request to draw Rosalina with and Oc Gardevoir. You can see the illustration on the right and click to see the original publication. A little foot fetish on this one for sure but that's fun to see other people who wanted to pair these two girls. After all, Gardevoir have a similar hair style than Rosalina, same as Cynthia btw...

Now for more don't hesitate to visite EpicSubterfuge's Deviantart account for more illustrations (here) and why not commission him... Original style and REALLY CHEAP prices... 2$ for a colored character and 1$ for each more, adding 3$ for a background you must admit EpicSubterfuge prices are interesting... I'll commission him again for sure but wont say mroe abotu the next piece for the moment... Stay turned... :P

Artist: EpicSubterfuge  /  Cost: 0$ (request)

One year ago: Original - Draghixa

Tuesday, April 15, 2014

Street Fighter - Juri Han

The little pool about wallpaper calendar is over and the result look better than I expected. A start if was more to see if peopel know about this project but it also seem some of you are using it... How powerfull... Now I have to send a mail to Mavruda to prepare May one and also and also something special for you guys... Stay turned... ^^

Also wanted to show you a photo of  my Rosalina cosplay (or crossplay in fact) during the last con but didn't have my camera and I hope people who made photos of me will share them. The crown was ready and don't look so bad but it was damaged during the travel and was hard to hold in on the wig. I had to ask my friends replace it so many time, I hope it don't look bad on photos... °w°

After Chun-Li, Ibuki and Elena, Rosalina met a new Street Fighter "lady"... So much gorgeous and powerfull girls in this series, so nice to have a new one having some kinky fun with Rosalina and it's a huge thanks to DaPhatMack for this so sexy and sensual illustration... Love it so much... \(^o^)/

You must admit that DaPhatMack made an excellent piece, both ladies are gorgeous and color are also beautifull.That's sexy, playfull and sensual. Juri using her technique and play with Rosalina's tits who seem to really love the feeling. Rosalina meet more than 300 ladies on the blog but first time I see her enjoying this kind of nipple play, artist will never stop to amaze me, you're incredible DaPhatMack...

I really love Rosalina expression; not so kinky and hot but really calm and sensual. It' seem that's relaxing in fact... Juri also don't have a horny face, she look concentrated and calm, doing her best to hear lovely moaning from Rosalina... Awwwww...

Don't deny you love it guys and I'm sure you want to see more from DaPhatMack... You can find him on Deviantart (here) or Hentaifoundry (here)... both places have powerfull gallery and gorgeous ladies so do'nt hesitate to take a look and give your support to DaPhatMack to make more epic illustration... As if it short you don't expect how a nice comment can be powerfull... Oh yeah...

Artist: DaPhatMack  /  Cost: 0$ (Request)

One year ago: Persona 4 - Naoto Shirogane

Saturday, April 12, 2014

Wallpaper calendar - April 2014

April 2014

Soft version

Adult version

Mavruda is back and his epic work too. Here is the April calendar he made, the theme was Rosalina to compare her C.V. to another lady and as if Nintendo start to have many ideas for her, she's still a beginenr for Nami... How lucky, Nami decided to show and teach to Rosalina some abilities... Kinky of course... XD

I hope you like it, don't hesitate to click on the illustration to see enjoy the full resulutions and all wallpapers Mavruda made for the blog. Also need you feedback for Rosalina's curriculum page, Here is the global design but I also want to put a little illustration on each game description... So, what your opinion? Any suggestions or ideas?

Friday, April 11, 2014

Nauto - Sara

It was an interesting Nintendo direct with a powerfull touch of Rosalina. AS expected she must be really complex to control but have great moves and spells... So bad WiiU and 3DS versions are not available at the same time. Will be available this summer on 3DS but HD Roslaina will be for winter... I'm sure they will prepare some bundle pack with Roslaina for Christmas... Need... °w°

Con are really rare in France but the one in my city will happen this week. I worked a little on my cosplay and make a new medallion but have some troubles with the crown, not happy with the result and still don't know how fix it to the wig... Maybe, want some photos after that guys?

Who will amaze us today? time for Taras089 to join he list of all rtists who gave me the honnor to contribute. He decided to pair Rosalina with Sara from the Naruto series, Temari, Tsunade and Hinata arre my fav but there is so much other gorgeous ladies from this universe and a new one decided to have some fun with Roslaina, How powerfull, thansk so much Taras089... \(^o^)/

"The Royal Meeting"... Taras089's title is perfect for this so hot and intimate moment they decided to spend together (thought it happen outdoor so can't be so intimate but I'm sure they find a great and quiet place). I love Rosalina's face I think she didn't expected this kind of pleasure from her new friend and with Sara's face so close to Rosalina one, it also add a sensual and tender touch. I'm sure she will take her of this little princess.

Can't deny that Taras089 made Rosalina sooo hot... A perfect view on the gorgeous body while she hold her legs open while being gently fingering by Sara. Maybe not clear with her expression but no doubt with her pose... She love it and she want it... What a kinky and naughty Prrincess... So sexy and beautifull both are gorgeous... °w°

That's great that Taras089 didn't make them completly naked and kept a part of Rosalian dress, as if not so much survived it's nice to have some reference to the otiginal character. Also guys, if you want to see more of Taras089 don't hesitate to visit and enjoy his Deviantart (here) or Blogspot gallery (here). So much impressives ladies and illustration, must be so stupid to miss that and don't forget that a comment is if it's small is always a powerfull support to artists... Oh yeah...

Artist: Taras089  /  Cost: 0$ (Request)

One year ago: Nintendo - Peach N°20

Tuesday, April 8, 2014

Solo - Undressing time

I recently talked with Dmfo about the Rosalina's observatory,  were where really confused talking about the newt page because I wanted to keep close to Rosalina universe compared to Dmfo really into the sci-fi universe and we didn't ended with something great until now. We talked again about the idea and ended with something simple who you sound great for everybody so a new chapter must come... Prepare yourself... ^^

About new project, I'm also working on the short 5 pages comic with my friend Tallon. In fact it's him who do most of the work making the script... Can't write a comic story panel by panel so Tallon is really impressive and talented for sure... °o°

A new lovely and adorable Rosalina but we keep a sexy touch on her. Before you ask there is no uncensored versions, sorry about that guys but I hope you will love this illustration as me. I won PrettyPigeonSama's 10k kiriban and was able to ask for an Half body illustration so you know that I didn't have choice to ask Rosalina and I love so much the result... Thanks so much... \(^o^)/

Kiriban are so powerfull as dangerous for watchers who participate but also for the artist. Each time we can we must keep an eye to PrettyPigeonSama's profile and when time to work or sleep, we have the feeling that we can lost without do anything. the problem for artists it that deviantart don't give you a precise date when you receive a message or comment. In this case, three guys caught PrettyPigeonSama kiriban and when you see comments in different places with "5 hours ago", how you can know who was the faster... not cool...

Finally PrettyPigeonSama had to made three illustration for his kiriban and I feel honored he did that instead only pick a winner or make a little lottery as example. I'm really sorry he was "trapped" by his kiriban but said that "she was fun to draw".PrettyPigeonSama  made an amazing Rosalina and love it so much but and not fair if he can't enjoy work on the illustration. This piece remember me a little when I remove my cosplay after con but you can be sure I don't look so adorable and sexy... XD

For more so lovely and beautifull ladies (also with a sexy touch) by PrettyPigeonSama, don't hesitate to take a look to his Deviantart gallery (here). You can also commission him at 7$ for a half body and 15$ for a full body. As you can see it's really fair like PrettyPigeonSama's level... Must commission him again in the future... Oh yeah... °w°

Artist: PrettyPigeonSama  /  Cost: 7$ (kiriban equivament to 7s commission)

One year ago: Original - Random girl N°4

Saturday, April 5, 2014

Pokemon - Hilda

Due to some illustrations waiting since a long time and last I received, I published more regularly with a new piece each two days but now the queued is reduced and I want to keep some images in stock to be able to continue publish regulary so after this one I go back to a new piece each three days. Don't worry, for the moment I'll never let the blog die... ^^

Also finished pokemon X, all 718 pokemons in the pokedex and in my boxes. Since I'm not really into battles the game is now quite slow.. It's time to become a shiny trader but with all these fake generated pokemons it's not so much fun... U_u

Now after a so hot and wet princess trio by Psicoero, time to show us his naughty style again for an other commission I asked him. As if it wasn't made for the project "Where is my pokemon?" time for a new lady from the series to meet Rosalina: Hilda. It's her that Psicoero chosen for his second commission saying he wanted both ladies playing with chinese balls... What this?

Not easy to explain but from what I saw, Chinese balls are two iron balls that are twirled in the same hand. Experienced practitioners can use three or four balls. They have a number of benefits like release of stress, increasing deterity, massaging action... Well, it sound great but like Psicoero we all here have a little naughty mind and for me it look more like anal beads...

Psicoero had a great idea using Pokeballs to fit. I know the idea already exist and not the first time you see a naughty trainer using her pokeballs to play on this way but before that I never heard about chinese balls so it was kinda interesting... And adding all pleasure can give this juicy illustration made Psicoero it really more fun to learn in that way as if it's pervert things... Oh yeah... XD

After this illustration and the trio princess (on the right), I'm sure you noticed that Psicoero is kinda... Juicy... Love juice is really exciting and for this point, Psicoero is one on the more powerfull artist I ever see. Now if you want to see more (and I'm sure yes), don't hesitate to visit his galleries on HentaiFoundry (here) or his personal blog (here). You can be sure there is so much excellent and damn naughty illustrations...

Must commission Psicoero again for sure. A pokemon lady for the last project but with all waiting I don't want to overload the blog with pokemon so must find an other gorgeous lady that Rosalina never meet for the moment. Any suggestions? And also don't hesitate to ask Psicoero about commission. just be careful because his prices are in euros (€) instead of dollar ($) but less than 25$ for an illustration like this one, you must admit it's a powerfull deal... °w°

Artist: Psicoero  /  Cost: 20€/25$

One year ago: Nintendo - Peach N°20

Wednesday, April 2, 2014

Metroid - Samus N°9

The actual pool about the Monthly Wallpaper by Mavruda is a great surprise. At start it was more to see if people know about the calendar project or completely missed it but it was so powerfull to see that there is also people who sometimes use it. Now I have a reason keep it active for the moment... ^^

I said 3 illustrations are on the queued or in progress for the project "Where is my pokemon?" but if seem I forgot to count an artist and had a powerfull surprise... Prepare yourself for a dark Rosalina trainer and her pokemon... It will be epic guys...

But before the pokemon there is some artists and illustrations waiting. This time it's time for a new artist to enter here and amaze us. Applause and congratulations come to Neonmonkey for this excellent piece with Rosalina and Samus Aran from the Metroid Series... But not use to say it, I'm sure everybody already recognized her... It's the 9th time I receive this paring and same thing as Peach, I can have this this two girls together again and again,it will always be a powerfull surprise... thanks so much Neonmonkey...\(^o^)/

For people who don't know, Samus gun can be turned into a whip, now you can understand what Neonmonkey wanted her to use on Rosalina. I discovered that while playing to Smash Bros. When you lost her armor and powerfull weapon she can attack using her gun or a whip coming from it. I wonder if it appear in some Metroid games or it's only on smash bros. If people know more about that, don't hesitate to comment and help me make a more constructive post maybe Neonmonkey have more infos about that...

Rosalina will be on the next smash bros. A really complex character to play with but she can also be really powerfull. She can easily resist to this kind of attack but like her dress, for perverts like us it's super effective... Neonmonkey really made an excellent piece, It's look like Rosalina is flying as Mario in Mario galaxy game and finally Samus wanted to come for a little fight... Great ideas and references, I love Neonmonkey's naughty mind so much as his illustration... °w°

Now if you like it and want more from Neonmonkey don't hesitate to visit his HentaiFoundry profile and gallery (here). Not so much for the moment but there is some really interesting pieces. Neonmonkey made normal illustrations but also flash loop and game so don't miss that guys... A great level level and nice style, Neonmonkey seem to be a talented artists and you come and comment to show him your support and give him desire to continue... Oh yeah...

Artist: Neonmonkey  /  Cost: 0$ (request)

One year ago: Streets of Rage - Blaze

Monday, March 31, 2014

Original - Tsuki

Merethide is workind on an illustraton of Rosalina with a so lovely as kinky Liligant but if you are interested she's also holding a Free Raffle on her facebook page (see it here). You have have to love the page, share the publication (this one) and comment it to participate to the raffle. At the end it's a free illustration for ALL winner... Of course you must know that Merethide will add a new prize each 10 participants... How powerfull... °w°

Some changes on the blog, at start I deleted the chat since nobody used it since months, I wanted to make visitors more active and participate but it was a faillure. I also fixed some html and gramatical errors on publications and wishlist. I save all my posts on .txt files and edit them but sometimes I correct errors on these files but didn't report the new version of the blog... so stupid...

Last illustrations wont change a lot on the blog and are kinda soft like this new illustration with Rosalina and Tsuki made by the amazing N8-11... I agree he have a special name but it's so curious as he's talented. So beautifull and sometimes pretty kinky ladies in his gallery, I'm so happy he accepted my request and participate to the blog... Thanks so much for your kindness N8-11... \(^o^)/

For people who never heared about Tsuki that's normal, she's N8-11's original character and you must admit she's also sooo lovely. When I created the blog and made the wishlist the objective was to pair Rosalina with famous characters to be sure so many people will find Rosalina looking at fanarts of these girls. But after all, there is so much adorable and gorgeous original ladies, that's always powerfull to discover them and also when they meet Rosalina... Oh yeah...

I love so much this illustration, Rosalina and Tsuki are sooo adorable and the fact N8-11 colored it was a powerfull surprise. Tsuki is really beautifull, so cute and adorable with this embarassed face. Like the sketch on the bottom, at start I expected her tohave the same dress than Rosalina like a crossdressing but N8-11's idea is much better. Tsuki look like a Shadow Rosalina, still so lovely and adorable as the original... °w°

If you take a look to N8-11's gallery, you will see a lot of sketch or line illustration so I thought I will receive be a black and white drawing but there is finally a colored version and the result is amazing. If there is an illustration from N8-11 that you love so much and really want him to color it don't hesitate to let a nice comment. Great comments and feedback are always a powerfull support and motivation for artists. Never forget that guys.

Last thing, I'm sure you noticed that it's not a digital but N8-11 made traditionnal pic. This kind of art is really more complex than digital, like the title of an Evangelion OAV; "You can not Redo" and also at the end you have a true illustration that nobody can copy/paste... I must ask to N8-11 if he can send me the original... I'll pay postal fee of course... ^^

Artist: N8-11  /  Cost: 0$ (request)

One year ago: Solo - Star bondage
Added to wishlist: Liara T'Soni from Mass Effect (see it here)