Wednesday, September 17, 2014

(September 17th) - Welcome in my collection ... Yeah...

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Hi guys...
I'm not here to upload my art (I don't drawn) but to show all my collection and find great Artists  for help me raise my Rosalina collection... I'm in love with this Nintendo  character and want to have a  huge collection of her with other female  characters (Yeah, just girls, what a pervert... ^^).

About Rosalina:
Rosalina, knows as Rosetta in Japan or Harmonie in France, is the adoptive mother of the Luma race (the stars) and overseer of the Comet Observatory. She first appeared in Super Mario Galaxy for the Wii, and has also appeared in Mario Kart Wii and 3DS as an unlockable character. Rosalina  wears a silver crown, has platinum blonde hair with a side-fringe, a frilly light blue dress, and carries a wand. Rosalina appears in a non-playable role in Super Mario Galaxy 2, what a pity... T_T

About my collection:
My dream is to have a lot of pictures with Rosalina, of course, but with an other female character, it can be a manga, video game girl or and OC.  Sexy is great, but a little soft  in my collection is not so bad. A pervert can love funny and cute too... ;p

Now I'm looking  for commissions or (the best) for artists who accept  request, I have a wishlish with more than 350 girls and a full body colored drawing with 2 characters, Not very cheap... But it's the price... ^^

Actual collection: 484 drawings ( 263 girls - 62 OC - 84 Solo - 12 Pokemons )
Enjoy it and if you want to participate, don't hesitate contact me... ^^

If you like this blog, don't hesitate to comment,
follow or promote it... It must be really nice...

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Original - Mille

Damn, first time in two years that I'm so laong to make a new publication. Really hard to find artists and also some troubles at work (tomorrow will be really hard). Found some free time so I must use it to post something new, Really sorry for the absence everybody... U_u

Btw, I announce that a new edition of "You're dream by..." will happenin two weeks. In fact it's like a raffle and the artist will be Lunakiri. Interested?

Time for a now and lovely artist to take part to the blog, a huge congrat to Birala who paired Rosalina with her OC Mille. Just in case you wonder about these headphones, I'll simply quote Birala's answer: "About Mille, she's just a girl that loves sex and enjoys it while listening music. (She also wears a buttplug cat tail, but due to the pose you can't see it)". So there is also some details we can't see but I think it add a spicy touch to know them... No?

I discovered Birala just after she joigned HentaiFoundry, a great start but I must admit I didn't expected the illustration with Rosalina to be so powerfull, it was an amazing surprise. after that she drew Elsa from Frozen and Lulu from League of legends who also look excellent, feel free to take a look to her gallery (here) and don't forget the power of a nice comment... Oh yeah... ^^

A nice gallery that I hope it will never stop growing but for sure this one with Rosalina and Mille must be my fav for a long time. This is really a marvellous illustration, both are so beautifull and sensual. it also seem that Mille is really talented like Rosalina expression. As if I love lingerie and toys they are finally not use to make a powerful land sensual illustration. I love it so much Birala; you did an amzaing job... \(^o^)/

Also if you are interested, Birala is open for commissions, you just have to take care because her price are in euro instead of dollar (price-list and infos here) but as you can see her style is wonderfull and she always do her best on commission. If you have some sexy and kinky dreams I'm sure Birala can make it come true... Oh yeah... ^^

Artist: Birala  /  Cost: 64$

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Next to come: Some lingerie and a miror... Oh yeah...

Thursday, September 11, 2014

Special, Catsuit and Me...


After see so much people using a logo or Intro on their videos I wanted to try something and made a prototype. It was just for fun so I don't care about the quality but I must admit I'm not really happy with the result.

I used the music of a movie trailer but India songs are not really the best theme to use regarding the blog... XD

So ok, I said on the previous post that this new publication must be a little special, instead of a yuri illustration DarkShadow777 decided to make a straight illustration paring Rosalina... With me... For sure I understand you wonder why I publish this illustration here but already had some other special illustration like Rosalina and Bowser and all where published as honor and thanks to the artist who spent so much time and efforts to draw it. So no choice, DarkShadow777 illustration must be here and it look so powerfull that I'm sure you love it guys... ^^

This catsuit if from the game Mario 3D world, I bought a WiiU the day Nintendo announced Rosalina as playable character on the game and it was so powerfull to play once she was unlocked (she run slowly but double jump is OP). I asked to DarkShadow777 for a request and he finally wanted to draw Rosalina with her catsuit, sincerely she's gorgeous wearing it and need more kinky neko fanarts. Damn beautifull, damn sexy and it's like DarkShadow777 printed one of my (naughty) dream... That's so powerfull... \(^o^)/

Sincerely the way he draw me, it's like I made a fusion with Vegeta,  If you look at videos I made I don't look so impressive but  in other way it's not so bad to have a strong body and psychopat smile (though)... Once again it's a huge thanks for your kindness DarkShadow777 and guys feel free to take a look to his gallery (here), so much excellent illustrations and amazing ladies... Oh yeah...

Artist: DarkShadow777  /  Cost: 0$ (request)

One year ago: Nintendo - daisy N°6
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Monday, September 8, 2014

Pokemon - #052 Meowth

After the last Nintendo direct about Bayonetta 2, I think some of you heard that she have some special costumes like asian dress or Nintendo cosplay of Link, Samus, Star Fox (love this one) and Peach. She look damn sexy as Peach that it must be fun to make a Rosalina version of this outfit for Bayonetta and dress Rosalina like Bayonetta... °w°

But there is a question that my mind didn't find the answer. Want kind of pose or situation we can imagine to make this crossdressing combo the be more powerfull? Any ideas guys?

After a furry Lopunny it's time for the "Where is my pokemon?" page to grow up a little with a new illustration by Mizun. She's so lovely as her art and already made so much adorable pokemon ladies, after that no choice that I must commission her a day to take part of the project and it finally happened... I'm so happy with the result, Mizun's illustration is marvelous, freaking cute but also with a sexy touch, what a powerfull combo... \(^o^)/

Now I'm sure everybody know (and love) this famous pokemon always moving with Team Rocket: Meowth... Also remember his attack "Jackpot" that I often use on pokemon Yellow to earn a little money before spend it on the Casino... As if it was a commission, I let Mizun free to choose the pokemon she want to pair with Rosalina and finally received this lovely Rosalina and Meowth duo. I hope you like it guys.

Both are so cute (I love Rosalina face), nothing pervert, just a lovely and sensual ecchi piece. I love how Mizun can make girl look so sexy but still so adorable and innocent. Looking at this drawing you can't imagine it will en with a hot yuri scene, must stay slow and soft. Meowth gently moving and touching Rosalina. Just amazing... °w°

Must commission Mizun in the future when my budget will be better. For the moment if you are interested, she opened "Art Bundles" cause she need money to buy medical books. "This bundle auction will consist of three (3) pictures of whatever character you want. So even if you just increase the bid by 100 points (1$) you're getting a great discount". You can find more about this offer on Mizun's profile (here) and feel free to take a look to her gallery too..

Artist: Mizun  /  Cost: 1.200 D.A. points

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Thursday, September 4, 2014

Solo - flashing panties


I received a new preview from Ska Jr Zombie about the comic and I must admit it look kinda powerfull. All I love is in the comic but I hope you will also enjoy it so much guys... Naughty lesbian action, wet pussy, expressive faces and a lingerie touch, will be impressive... Here is a small preview, so much incredible Rosalina face one these pages (also didn't talk about her pussy)... °w°.

Ska Jr Zombie is now working on page 8/10 so we are now close to the end. Can look short but you can be sure he made so much actions and various scenes, I hope it will make nice sales and after that we will be able to plan a bigger comic for her next delivery... Oh yeah... °w°

Comic is not done yet so for the moment it's time to enjoy this excellent illustration I received from UberMonkey. He really made a gorgeous Rosalina pin-up, so beautifull (as always), really sexy and that expression on her face is amazing. We can't keep focus on her face or this sexy panty and lingerie so our eyes are constantly moving and we are finally amazed with every parts of UberMonkey illustration... He really made a powerfull piece...

Simple but perfect the title of UberMonkey's publication is "Rosalina flashing panty". This action and her face make a powerfull combo it's like we can hear Rosalina saying "Hey, I'm not just a Nintendo cute princess, I can also be a sexy and sensual woman". Personally  it's how I feel looking at her and can't deny UberMonkey style is amazing. Also, what your feeling guys btw???

A if it's a yuri blog, the more powerfull pieces I received are often solo Rosalina. UberMonkey made another gorgeous pin-up and we really see he worked a lot on this one, so much nice ideas, details and colors are also beautifull... I have a huge fetish for lingerie and Rosalina moving up her dress in that way is the best... Still the original Rosalina, so lovely and beautifull but with a kinky touch, she's amazing... \(^o^)/

If you want more epic illustration from UberMonkey don't hesitate to visit his gallery (here) and you must prepare yourself, not only to be amazed but also really surpised. So much style and ideas, some beautifull pin-up like this Rosalina (and his Elsa is also damn marvelous) but also some rape, pissing and bestiality... Don't be scary, it's just the start... XD

Artist: UberMonkey  /  Cost: 0$ (request)

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Monday, September 1, 2014

Mortal Kombat - Sindel & Sheeva

September 2014

Soft version

Adult version

Holidays are over, time to go back to work and at school and for Mavruda it's now time to come back and continue amaze us with his calendar wallpapers. This break wasn't planned for July and August but you can be sure Mavruda really need time an support at this time. Don't hesitate take a look at his site and why not ask him a commission on HentaiFoundry (here).

About this new calendar, I'm sure you recognize these "dangerous" ladies from Mortal Kombat. It seem that Rosalina wanted to prepare Smash Bros. and found some fighter to learn new techniques she can use to dominate and surprises her future opponents (love that confident smile on the safe illustration) but Mavruda seem kinda cruel and finally she didn't received the kind of training she expected... Nintendo universe is perverted with internet but it's still a soft place... In general... XD

Once again thanks so much for all your efforts Mavruda, I always give him a rough theme and he have powerfull ideas, beautifull bikes on May, able to mix pokemon and mario golf on June and now it's an epic trio. Both illustrations are excellent, a funny touch on the SFW and I love that face and spanking action on the NSFW one, she’s like a child who did something mad and poor Rosalina, it just started…

Thursday, August 28, 2014

Solo - Rosalina Pin-up sketch

Now the video is done, it was more than a month later than what I planned but better later than never. I know it's not so powerfull as previous one as if I'm kinda happy how turned the intro but didn't wanted to made something so long an anoying. Now I'm waiting for your feedback guys... ^^

And little bonus, a close-up of Rosalina face on the comic, to make this expression Ska Jr Zombie used an old episode of the Sailor Moon anime and the result is so funny... XD

Damn, it has been 4 days since I posted the video, time goes so fast and I missed the new publication must be for today so there is a late post, really sorry. I'm lucky that there is a huge difference into France and America so will come on afternoon for some of you... Now time to enjoy a new illustration by the still so lovely an adorable Tetisuka... ^^

To celebrate her 100th fan on Hentaifoundry (and you can be sure it's just the start), Tetisuka made a sketch raffle so for sure I was in asking for a Rosalina illustration. As you can see it was accepted and I have so a so beautifull as sexy pinup... Roslaina with some lingerie, high heels and a sensual pose... Tetisuka really made a marvelous drawing... \(^o^)/

I really love this illustration and it seem that Tetisuka also enjoying working on it so that a great post, the more important as me is the artist have fun and freedom, it's more fair in the way and I must admit I'm also really bad to find great ideas. Also if you are curious, it's not the first Rosalina that Tetisuka, first was the commission with Anna and Elsa from Frozen (on the left), I hope you remember it guys... ^^

After that if you want more feel free to take a look to Tetisuka's gallery (here) but you can also let her make your sexy dreams come true with commission, 25$ for a colored full body but for less expensive lineart and screentone also look excellent. As you can see with the trio she really work hard on each commissions and the result is just epic... Oh yeah...

Artist: Tetisuka  /  Cost: 0$ (raffle)

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Sunday, August 24, 2014

4th video - August 2014

Hey guys... I know I'm really late with this one (so much troubles with health and weather) but finally was able to find a day and friend to make it. There is some informations about actual projects and other coming so feel free to take a look. Also need your opinion for the watersport illustration...

Wednesday, August 20, 2014

Nintendo - WiiFit Trainer N°5

Slowly working on the next video. Not that I'm lazy (or just a little) but really busy with work and familial obligations. I'll do my best to finish the video and publish it this week but subtitles are sooo long to add and  I rushed a little too much during record session. Don't look really beautifull and there is some wind that's will kill your ears... Really... U_u

For the moment I just let you a small logo, it will be the main project I'll talk on the video and also the new one coming. Stay turned and enjoy your trip here... ^^

Once again Psicoero is back and I love so much his style that's it's always so powerfull show more Rosalina by him. Once my budget get better I must get some commissions again but so much artist I want to draw Rosalina and no money, must be patient and keep an eye on my favorite artists... ^^

This illustration is the second part of the trainer commission to Psicoero (can see first on on the right). At start I only planned one drawing but he made epic sketches and it was hard to choose (impossible to be honest) so I finally wanted him to finish both illustrations. I hope you like the result guys.

This time only a wet version but it's this messy touch I love in Psicoero art I don't see it as problem. I know it's like there is a little too much juice to be real but it's a great alternative for a dirty touch without man and cum and artists have the power to make all fetishes and dream come true, must be stupid always stay close to realistic and I really love this illustration Psicoero made, no need to change...

Two gorgeous ladies, sexy suits, nice toys, kinky fingers and so much love juice. Adding a fun touch with a crazy Luma who discovered what her mama mean by training the result is excellent. Remember me someone telling me that these two toys can be only one in fact... Ewww... Don't really like that idea, that's a little too much special for me... XD

Once again if you are curious, you can also tale a look on Psicoero's gallery. Also feel free to ask him for commission if you like his style. You will be amazed by all efforts he put on each illustrations to make it perfect... Oh yeah... °o°

Artist: Psicoero  /  Cost: 20€/25$

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Saturday, August 16, 2014

Solo - Masochist time

If the weather is great I'll finally be able to start the next video today, finally... So much things I want to say as if not sure everything will sound great for you but I have to make some changes on the blog and like some feedbacks I received I still need to do much more for the blog... Must thing to a new design.

I hope to be able post the video quickly and hear about your reactions... Oh yeah.. ^^

New illustration by the powerfull and talented Highzenberg and I'm not say it only to flatter him. If you are curious (I'm sure yes), feel free to take a look to his gallery and there is some excellent illustration. Also this Rosalina is amazing and one detail is amazing: the mirror. since I created the blog some artists tried to draw Rosalina in from of a mirror and Highzenberg is the first who succeeded...

An excellent style, great anatomy level and looking at his gallery you must admit there is so much details, the result is really powerfull and also love the idea but for this part the best is to quote Highzenberg description. "I always imagine Rosalina playing with her self,since a lot of the time she is missing from being a playable character". Now it's different with Mario kart and Smash bros. coming but Rosalina being a little masochist during her free time sound fun (and kinda hot too).. XD

I often imagined Rosalina using her wand for some naughty play and so much artists too, as simple dildo to use magic and give dicks to a Lumas army (it's here) but never thought use it to spank. Now I'm wondering how I can miss this idea and feel so stupid but Highzenberg did it and his illustration is so powerfull, thanks so much for your kindness and all your eforts...`\(^o^)/

Only 8 pieces on his gallery (for the moment) but Highzenberg really have an excellent style so feel free to take a look and why not let him a little comment. You can be sure when artist hear that people love their art it's an amazing support but can work without a nice comment... As if it's short don't hesitate to give one to Highzenberg guys... Oh yeah... ^^

Artist: Highzenberg  /  Cost: 0$(Request)

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