Thursday, July 2, 2015

(July 2nd) - Welcome in my collection ... Yeah...

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Hi guys...
I'm not here to upload my art (I don't draw) but to show all my collection and find great Artists for help me raise my Rosalina collection... I'm in love with this Nintendo character and want to have a huge collection of her with other female characters (Yeah, just girls, what a pervert... ^^).

About Rosalina:
Rosalina, knows as Rosetta in Japan or Harmonie in France, is the adoptive mother of the Luma race (the stars) and overseer of the Comet Observatory. She first appeared in Super Mario Galaxy for the Wii, and has also appeared in Mario Kart Wii, 3DS and WiiU as an unlockable character. Rosalina wears a silver crown, has platinum blonde hair with a side-fringe, a frilly light blue dress, and carries a wand. Rosalina appears in a non-playable role in Super Mario Galaxy 2, what a pity... T_T

About my collection:
My dream is to have a lot of pictures with Rosalina, of course, but with an other female character, it can be a manga, video game girl or and OC. Sexy is great, but a little soft touch is not so bad. A pervert can love funny and cute too... ;p

Now I'm looking for commissions or (the best) for artists who accept request, I have a wishlish with more than 350 girls and a full body colored drawing with 2 characters, Not very cheap... But it's the price... ^^

Actually: 563 drawings ( 295 girls - 72 OC - 109 Solo - 20 Pokemons )
Enjoy it and if you want to participate, don't hesitate contact me... ^^

If you like this blog, don't hesitate to comment,
follow or promote it... It must be really nice...

Want my mail:

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#563 - Krystal is finally here

Summer is here but since I got a new job, no holidays for me. At last I plan to work on my Rosalina cosplay and make better version of accessories (crown, wand and medallion). I asked help to some friend damn more talented than me who will also help me redo the wig but like Rosalina's hairstyle will be like a huge challenge, must admit I'm kinda scary about this point.

Also thinking about my next cosplay, I think to make a version of catgirl Rosalina from M3DW (Mario 3D World), can looks really cool but hard to make, for sure not able to make it myself but don't know who I can ask for help for a great version of that kind of suit. Any suggestion guys?

Today it's a gift I received from the wonderfull fortunae on HentaiFondry. Kinda sketchy but you can't imagine how I love this illustration. At first I wanted Rosalina with Krystal (from star fow series) since I created the blog there is 3 years, two artists disappeared after the sketch, on after the line and last one was just a fucking scammer. I was so frustrated with this character like this duo is cursed but not I get it by fortunae. How powerfull... \(^o^)/

Like actual society, the best way to support artist is now with money, after all spending so many time and efforts on an illustration and feel like with empty hands at the end don't sounds fair. Commissions and patreon are a great way to support artists but financially can't really go into this so I do my best to encourage artists with some nice comments and feedback. A day I received a mail from fortunae saying "Hey, you've been really supportive of my art and your comments are always really nice to read so I sketched you something"... For sure is was a so powerfull surprise and at first look it's like really more detailed than a simple sketch. Simple colors and shading but the result is incredible, fortunae really made an amazing piece... °w°

Finally a sweet sensual and so sexy duo with Rosalina and Kristal, at first I wasn't into furry but always wanted something with Kristal and thanks to fortunae I got something to show with you. Both so close ready for a long kiss, we really feel something must happen and last thing I love is that fortunae gave high heels to Rosalina... Love so much high heels. I hope you like this illustration like me and once again thanks sooo much for your kindness fortunae... That's so powerfull... \(^o^)/

Now if you want to see more from fortunae, feel free to visit en enjoy more stuff in HentaiFoundry (here) or also on Tumblr (here). A lot of sexy stuff and some nice animations with creamy touch. I'm sure you will love it and I hope to be able commission and get more stuff for fortunae. Maybe something from "Where is my pokemon?" project must be cool...

Artist: fortunae  /  Cost: ??? (Gift by Tallon)

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Sunday, June 28, 2015

#562 - Liara's effect


Nintendo recently announced three new (classic) card games with mario themes. Rosalina appear in the queen of clubs card but sincerely I'm really disappointed by the illustration they used. It's a classic old fanart that they used as reference for the Gashapon figure, sincerely with photoshop we can make the same thing. As if Rosalina I wont order this shit (Sorry Rosalina).

Also still working on this new page that will be released on July as promised. Don't expect something new but a way to re-discover the blog in an alternative way then using the wishlist. I hope I was able to pick your interest with it... ^^

As promised and as sorry for the long time without new publications, here is a new illustration for the kinda sweet and talented OJ (don't know if I have right to say it but it mean Orange Juice, that's tasty name). She was working on this illustration since a long time but was really disappointed with the result. She didn't wanted to show it and was silent so after several months I thought she forget me but was finally able to have OJ to send me her work and... Woah... °o°

Because this pose, realistic touch on hair and that she's naked, not easy to recognize Rosalina (but she's still a so beautifull and sensual blonde lady), as for the other girl really easy to see she's Liara T'Soni from Mass Effect (not a simple name though). Really love this illustration, OJ made an excellent job and it looks so romantic and sensual. In fact she's really disapointed cause so much errors, for sure if you analyze closely you must see some anatomically errors (also no breasts for Liare?) but nothing so important. I hope you like OJ's illustration as me guys.

Damn, two so sexy bodies but can't stop look at Rosalina's face, OJ drew her so expressive and sensual in that part, for sure Liara must be really talented and well feel it on Rosalina. So bad there isn't some objects linked to Rosalina like medallion, crown, earrings or Luma but the worst point is that it will never appear on OJ's gallery. In a way it's like blog exclusivity so I must be happy but when the own creator of the illustration say again and again that he made shit, looking at the drawing I feel so sad having something so bad and negative... T_T

Artist: OJ  /  Cost: ??? (Gift by Tallon)

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Thursday, June 25, 2015

#560-561 - Feel the dakimakura side

Really late publication for stupid reasons, busy at work and spending all my free time rushing to get the last Palutena and Zero Suit Samus... I was close to miss them and was finaly lucky in last shop. Palutena is really beautifull and so much detail but the best is Zera suit Samus, a powerfull fighter in latex suit adding some high heels for the Smash bros. version and she's sooo freaking sexy... °w°

Also no news from Ska Jr Zombie about the next chapter of Rosalina's Delivery Service but be sure I'll keep you in touch if something happen, you can also follow me on Twitter (here) to know about events... ^^

Today there is more than simple illustrations but a powerfull gift I received for Christmas from Tallon who commisssion that amazing DearEditor to draw Rosalina. It was two Dakimakura illustrations, one soft with a beautifull and lovely Rosalina and as you can see the second one is a little more sexy with Rosalina as cowgirl wearing chaps (love so much that suit). DearEditor made the ecchi version more soft cause the main objective was to print those two sweet illustrations on a true dakimakura and send it to me. Yeah, that sounds so wonderfull... °w°

A first it's Tallon who asked me to told him when I receive a "special" package from Germany (yeah, DearEditor is German). Finally got something from China that I was sure I didn't ordered and finally I was allowed to open it for Christmas, a true and unique Rosalina DAkimakura made just for me... Still so happy thinking about it... Thanks so much for this gift Tallon, Rosalina presents are the best... \(^o^)/

There is only two Rosalina Dakimakura existing on the internet and both were made for me. First one by Quamp can be found here, was the first ever but we can't deny DearEditor made something marvelous , she's so talented and I now have a piece from her on the blog (and also I can hug every time)... I hope you like it guys and fee free if you want to be amazed by more art and illustrations from DearEditor to visit her HentaiFoundry (here) or be a patreon (here)... Oh yeah... ^^

Artist: DearEditor  /  Cost: ??? (Gift by Tallon)

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Friday, June 19, 2015

#559 - Removing dressing gown and let start the show

The next page I'm working on will be available soon, it goes faster as expected but we are so close to July so I must hurry. It will also have 3-4 publicity banners, more as try to see if it can give some help, can't say they will be discrete but like all content on the page they wont take so much place and as I say pop-up ads wont appear here. It's the best to make money but I consider that thing as ship visiting other sites... >.<

Also thinking to move the video page to archive page, I'm not able to make really good and usefull content due to my english level at first and don't plan to make a new for for the moment. Maybe it will reappear a day.

I love so much lingerie and high heels, you know about that and since I saw this wonderfull illustration with Lonette on xxxbattery's gallery I really wanted to have a sweet and sensual Rosalina with dressing gown slowly open it to reveal her gorgeous body. Finally I had the opportunity miw all those fetish, adding the amazing style of xxxbattery the result is so powerfull. I hope you love it too guys... Oh yeah... ^^

I recently commissioned xxxbattery to draw Rosalina with Callie and Marie from Splatoon (see it here). For sure he did a great job but it wasn't so powerfull. As if he did his best but he can't truly show his talented and power with those squid sisters that why I came to xxxbattery with this second commission. Also there is some regular stream sales so really hard to resist in that case (now like my budget in bad condition I can resist at last)... XD

Since it's a yuri blog, I wanted another lady to be with Rosalina and we decided with xxxbattery to pick Amy from Sailor Moon, a great choice for a wonderfull duo. It seem Amy looks damn more crazy and excited than Rosalina like her face and that she's already wet. Now we have a sensual and sexy Rosalina with gown, lingerie and high heels (that combo is marvelous) and a naughty Amy who make a powerfull mix... Also as if Rosalina looks so hot, she's not like a naughty slut but a sophisticated woman. xxxbattery really did a wonderfull illustration.

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Tuesday, June 16, 2015

#558 - Sweet gaming time with Didi

Little edit, the blog is not 25 pixels larger. It wont change a lot for you and after all and can sounds totally useless but for the next page I'm working on, I had no choice. I wanted to create something giving access to all content easily but don't make people miss posts I spend to much time to wrote as honor to the artist who spent so much time and effort working on his illustration.

Finally got an idea I'm working on, thanks to Suika who destroying my week-end putting me that in mind (and some other things). Not complicated but so long so tit will be released only next month (and not sure will be finished at this moment. Stay turned... ^^

Today there is a new artist joining the blog and had the kindness help me with my project, a huge thanks to FaBeArt (it sounds like fabulous art, that's so powerfull) who decided to pair Rosalina with a really original and wonderfull lady. To make it simple I'll start with a little quote: "Nice you ask the name of my OC..well my wife's name is Diana and since my OC is based on her i call her Didi".

In fact it's the second time Rosalina meet a girl inspired by someone's wife but the previous illustration but first one was stoped after the line and now I don't have enough information to make a full post so I must keep if on my secret folders compared to this one by FaBeArt that I can show to you... Oh yeah... Rosalina is kinda young on Nintendo universe and she discover some old games with Didi. FaBeArt made a so sweet and adorable illustration, both are so adorable together but this transparent lingerie make Rosalina and Didi damn sexy, the mix into cuteness and sexiness is always so incredible on an illustration... °w°

I hope you like this illustration and if you want to see more art of this sweet chuby Didi feel free to visit FaBeArt's gallery, you can be surue there is so much excellent illustrations of her and she's now with Rosalina, thanks so much for your kindnes and this wonderfull duo FaBeArt (also must say sorry for the time I took to publish it).

Artist: FaBeArt  /  Cost: 0$ (request)

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Friday, June 12, 2015

#557 - A little taste of Robin

I lost contact with an "amazing" artist (I thought) that I already commissioned for the blog, also his illustration is still one of my favorite and the hottest I ever received for my Rosalina x Girl project. This guys was frustrated I didn't wanted to fap him and just deleted me (long story), I expected to commissison him again but for now I think it wont happen. At last the positive pont is I don't have to worry about my budget for now... XD

Also discovered when you generate a link with dropbox, this one is permanent and don't expire. Will be really usefull for what I planned but also must be careful sometimes. You have to remove links manualy from the site or it get deleted once you move or delete the original file/folder.

As promised we continue with the Fire Emblem series and compared to Lucina who was already paired with Rosalina by Mavruda (See it here), it's time for Rosalina to meet a new (naughty) girl from the series and hove some fun with Robin. Commissioned by sagashiindustries and drew by H.O.A, thanks so much for this powerfull gift... \(^o^)/

This time no toy but it seem Rosalina tongue must be so good and kinda intense for Robin, also more tasty for Rosalina I'm sure both enjoy that cunni and maybe Robin will return the favor to Rosalina.Like Robin expression it seem she's not use to adult pleasure as Rosalina but with a so beautifull and wonderfull partner she must love it and maybe learn some nice thing if Rosalina don't make her lost her mind. I wonder what H.O.A had in mind for this illustration but he did an excellent job for sure. Oh yeah...

I hope you like this illustration guys, it's the last I received from H.O.A but really love his style and art so if he continue draw and increase his level, must get more crazy illustration from him on the future. Will be a messy piece at first cause I love wet/messy clothes and let see what will happen next... Also if you want to see more about his art or commissions, feel free to visit H.O.A. on Deviantart (here) or Blogger (here)

Artist: Archangemon  /  Cost: 0$ (gift by sagashiindustries)
Archangemon Deviantart:
Archangemon Blog:

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Tuesday, June 9, 2015

#556 - Scissor with Lucina

I added a new kind of product to the shop, you can get HD (full versions) of some illustration for 1$ each. This is just for drawing I received with high quality and lot of details but who were too big to be on the blog. To give you an idea there is only 3 illustrations on sale from the 556 on the blog. If you are curious feel free to take a look here on click on the illustration on the right... ^^

I though to add a cart system but mean I have to send illustration manually so you can't receive them instantly and I prefer something smart and simple than complicated with so much options. Does it sound stupid guys?

As if the previous post suggested some Rosalina and PAlutena to come next, it was an error since I already published this illustration by H.O.A or see the original post here. I have to continue with another publication but I keep the same artist for a kinky duo with Lucina from fire emblem commissioned by sagashiindustries. How powerfull... \(^o^)/

I really love this illustration, I know H.O.A style still need some improvements but he constantly increase his level and made some excellent illustration (he was commissioned for a messy series who looks epic). Rosalina and Lucina looks so hot and expressive, pose and faces are great. I think it hurt a little for Lucina with with a wonderfull partner like Rosalina she must be addicted to it quickly. The background H.O.A made is kinda simple too but must admit I want the same wall decoration for my room, it looks excellent... °w°

Congrat for this great illustration H.O.A and thanks to sagashiindustries for his kindness and support. Next illustration coming will still be from Fire Emblem series featuring Robin female (of course) so stay turned guys. And why not take a look to H.O.A's blogs while waiting.

Artist: Archangemon  /  Cost: 0$ (gift by sagashiindustries)
Archangemon Deviantart:
Archangemon Blog:

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Thursday, June 4, 2015

#555 - Time for strict bondage

I think I'm cursed with followers on the blog, I had 50, moved to 49, back to 50 and now it finally go back to 49 followers again. At last follower isn't the more important things, since there is some prople who visit and enjoy the blog it's fine with me but feel bo bad comments are so rare, that's always cool to have some nice commetns, interesting feedback or a little conversation. It makes the blog more active and interesting to manage... ^^

Also long time without ew illustration on the Bonus page and I fixed that poins with a piece from the wonderfull Supersanson, feel free to take a look if you are curious (I know you are).

This illustration was from a "Your Character Here" auction I won from the realy kind theFloppyBunny, now I think I can named it "My Rosalina Here" (sorry, bad joke). She opened bids for 3 poses; "Sexy", "Bootyful water" and "Strict bondage", it's the last one that I really loved, the pose and view with bondage touch were excellent, Rosalina would looks so damn sexy like this and this high heels was a powerfull final touch. After a little fight with another DeviantARt member I won this pose for 10$ and had a boubt since the two other ended at 3$ but really wanted that pose and theFloppyBunny made a wonderfull job sO I'm really happy with the result... Oh yeah... \(^o^)/

You can see on the right theFloppyBunny's sketch for the YCH and must admit it's tempting, I was so excited thinking at Rosalina like this. After that I had to choice into panty or not, hard challenge but finally theFloppyBunny proposed to make both versions and I just asked her to remove the star medallion from her chest (important detail I agree but don't look so good on the bondage) and to make the dress transparent on her breasts. Yeah, those sounds kinda perfect but I love transparent clothes as for lingerie and like the pose it's to late to think about soft... Mwahahaha...

So expecting two illsutration from theFloppyBunny (panty/pantyless) I finally receive a powerfull series with 6 illustrations, A nice toy and some wet version, for sure I was amazed by the result and feel so happy show them on the blog, make the table to order all illustration was kinda hard but like the series theFloppyBunny made, she deserve a wonderfull post... Oh yeah... Thanks so much... \(^o^)/

I hope you like this illustration guys, once again thanks so much and congrat to theFloppyBunny, for sure there must be more from here on the blog in the future cause she deserve it and if you are interested feel free to commission her too. From sweet and cute pin-up at 15$ for a trio orgy at 30$ (+5$ per character) she's ready to make your dreams and fetishes come true. You can also visit her gallery (here) to enjoy her art.

Artist: theFloppyBunny  /  Cost: 10$

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Monday, June 1, 2015

#554 - Happy birthday Haku

Was able to get Splatoon Amiibo and collector edition of the game (with green Amiibo), noticed than American have a pack with the three together, that's really more powerfull cause here to get the greeen one we must buy the game as full price and can't enjoy the promotion of 5$ off for those who downloaded the demo.

Nintendo start to do shit with us go get more money and I finally stop buy Nintendo products. Maybe a day they will understand and listen at us... Maybe... U_u

Today another illustration made by Lunakiri as gift for my friend Tallon. A lovely duo to celebrate Haku Yowane birthday on November 21th (exactly 3 weeks after Rosalina). I know it's kinda sketchy but I was kinda late when talked about it with Lunakiri so she had to rush to finish it in time but the result is so lovely. She did a great work for sure...

The idea was Rosalina delivering to Haku a present from Tallon, her suit is inspired by the one in Rosalina's Delivery Service and must admit this blue lipstick and glasses make her looks kinda cute. Both are so cute but Lunakiri also drew a sexy touch and they are so close, with a little imagination I'm sure it can turn naughty but also more lovely. Don't know what inside but if you are curious, on the next comic chapter they will be a package from Tallon to Haku with som interesting "accessories" inside... Eh eh...

For now Lunakiri is silent from several days but recently published some illustration on her galelry, they are cool and playfull with a naughty touch so I'm sure you will love them guys. Also feel free to talk with her if your interested by a commission, she have really interesting prices and always do her best... Oh yeah... ^^

Artist: Lunakiri  /  Cost: 15$

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