Friday, October 24, 2014

(October 24th) - Welcome in my collection ... Yeah...

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Hi guys...
I'm not here to upload my art (I don't drawn) but to show all my collection and find great Artists  for help me raise my Rosalina collection... I'm in love with this Nintendo  character and want to have a  huge collection of her with other female  characters (Yeah, just girls, what a pervert... ^^).

About Rosalina:
Rosalina, knows as Rosetta in Japan or Harmonie in France, is the adoptive mother of the Luma race (the stars) and overseer of the Comet Observatory. She first appeared in Super Mario Galaxy for the Wii, and has also appeared in Mario Kart Wii and 3DS as an unlockable character. Rosalina  wears a silver crown, has platinum blonde hair with a side-fringe, a frilly light blue dress, and carries a wand. Rosalina appears in a non-playable role in Super Mario Galaxy 2, what a pity... T_T

About my collection:
My dream is to have a lot of pictures with Rosalina, of course, but with an other female character, it can be a manga, video game girl or and OC.  Sexy is great, but a little soft  in my collection is not so bad. A pervert can love funny and cute too... ;p

Now I'm looking  for commissions or (the best) for artists who accept  request, I have a wishlish with more than 350 girls and a full body colored drawing with 2 characters, Not very cheap... But it's the price... ^^

Actually: 492 drawings ( 264 girls - 63 OC - 86 Solo - 13 Pokemons )
Enjoy it and if you want to participate, don't hesitate contact me... ^^

If you like this blog, don't hesitate to comment,
follow or promote it... It must be really nice...

Want my mail:

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October 2014 - Smash bros. available on 3DS


A week left before the end of the free raffle event "Your dream by Lunakiri" but no limit for the comic as if it's not a reason don't get your copy of Rosalina Delivery Service - Chapter 2. If you love Kill la Kill time to enjoy the power of lingerie made with life fibers and how naughty can be Ragyo... Oh yeah...

Also, it seem the chapter 1 who was planned wont happen, the artist have some troubles. I wonder if the next chapter must be chapter 1 or let this slot empty as memory...

I know the month is close to the end and this second part of the Wallpaper calendar only come now but not too late to use and enjoy it. After all it's really dangerous to keep a naughty wallpaper so you had time to enjoy the soft one Mavruda made and now why not have a kinky touch on your screen before the end of october...

I already saw a preview on Mavruda's site that you can see on the right and it finally look really more fun and powerfull as expected. Both are so beautifull and hot, Must be so hard don't look at these two ladies enjoying licking and ass play. For sure Samus must have a wonderfull feeling and beautifull view on that lovely Rosalina face gently licking her… Like we spy on them, love that feeling but honestly I prefer to join...°w°

Mavruda really did an excellent job, I really Samus and was powerfull see her on the SFW wallpaper and she's finally back for some intimate pleasure with Rosalina. Just so bad she don't have high heels like in smash bros. I love this part of her new design. You must admit Mavruda putted so much work and efforts on this illustration, a lot of nice details line the star. I remember when we must run to catch it, this time no use to run, and also to catch in fact, just have to enjoy the show… XD

Now if you are curious feel free to enjoy more from Mavruda on the Wallpaper calendar page (here) and why not join his site for mush more exclusive (and freaking hot) art. Mavruda really do his best for his members, don't hesitate to come with your little fetishes... I'm sure you will enjoy... ~__^

Artist: Mavruda  /  Cost: special

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Monday, October 20, 2014

Solo - Starting with Rosalina


Don't hesitate to get your copy of the new comic Rosalina Delivery Service (here), you can be sure Ska Jr Zombie made an incredible comic like a professionel one, it look perfect. Rosalina and Ragyo from Kill la Kill will feel sex with the power of life fiber lingerie sex clothes. Are you sure you can miss it?

Also there is the free suggestion contest "Your dream by Liunakiri" still open but now for less than two week. Feel free to participate and let Lunakiri give you a totally free illustration . oh yeah... ^^

Just before say today illustration suck, just keep in mind that the artist Shao started to draw there is only two days. As if he used a reference (and you can be sure he didn't trace) as me he was really amazing. The artist and also one of my best friend Shao-Pix started with a pretty nice style, I'm sure if the continue practice more he will be able make beautifull illustrations.

At start, the illustration Shao-Pix sent me was only a B&W piece with some black shadows and later he finally decided to color it to make it even more beautifull (as if Rosalina can look ugly for me). It was kinda difficult for him to draw shadows and tried some techniques on photoshop using transparence as exemple who gave him some troubles when he added the background.

Has to delete some steps of his colored process and some parts of the dress have shadow missing. It's not because he missed them but more than the result wasn't enough pleasant. Shao-Pix already made some simple illustrations but this one his really his first colored piece and for a first time, you must admit it's great.

Let see how his style will evolve, Shao-Pix already started to draw in a group there is now several year but nothing since a long time. Now he wanted a tablet and start to draw again, let see how it will be in some months, I'm really curious to see if he will be able continue to practice and draw for a long time to make some epics Rosalina in the future... Oh yeah... °w°

Artist: Shao-Pix  /  Cost: 0$ (gift)

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Saturday, October 18, 2014

Happy birthday to the blog

October 18th 2011 - First post on the blog
October 18th 2014 - The blog have now 3 years
Thanks to all friends and artists who helped me keep the Rosalina x Girl project alive for so long and I hope it will continue growing for a long time... Oh yeah... \(^o^)/

Friday, October 17, 2014

Pokemon - #143 Snorlax

I think you noticed about the new blog design. After hear again and again that I must change a little the design, maybe because the comic (here) but I finally did it and it's a huge thanks to Ska Jr Zombie for his support and help. Must learn to use photoshop, it will be really usefull but look so complex... O_o

Also, tomorrow the blog will have 3 years of existence, nothing planned but there is the free raffle event who allow you win a free illustration and you just have to put an idea... See here how to win...

Today time to increase "Where is my pokemon?" collection adding a new pokemon lady to the list. Seem that Rosalina found a PokeFlute and wanted to play a little while relaxing under a tree and she will notice soon that it have some special effects. It's a huge thanks and congrat to Epicsubterfuge who is back after Emolga and Illumise (both are here) for a new illustration. Oh yeah... ^^

Really love that drawing and Snorlax outfit, as if it can look really simple it's easy to recognize the original pokemon so Epicsubterfuge made an excellent job. Snorlax is also a really huge pokemon but I prefer this lovely (and pretty sexy) chubby girl instead of a fat one. About the scene, you can see the first sketch Epicsubterfuge made and also the line. sincerely his second idea look really more powerfull as me. With the sketch I was a little septic about the snorlax suit but it look powerfull on the colored version, love the sweater design and I'm sure it can make a popular product... Anybody interested?

The only point I don't really like are Rosalina's breasts, I prefer it more perfect and bouncy as for the Snorlax lady or as for Emolga but for the rest it's just excellent. You can be sure Epicsubterfuge really increase his art between each illustrations and the next one (already finished) also look excellent. This one you will have a lovely catgirl with Rosalina and a powerfull background. Will appear sound of the blog but if you want it earlier keep an eye on Epicsubterfuge's gallery... Oh yeah... ^^

Artist: EpicSubterfuge  /  Cost: 5$

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Monday, October 13, 2014



Being able to move across the Galaxy, Rosalina (from the Mario Universe)created a special delivery service and for this second chapter, the last package of the day will be delivered to Kiyuin Ragyo (from Kill la Kill), so beautifull, so dangerous and so naughty...

Enjoy this comic made by the talented and amazing Ska Jr Zombie. Beautifull lady, yuri action, lingerie, love juice, fun and bonus...

Wednesday, October 8, 2014

Nintendo - Peach N°29

Well, A free raffle started: "Your dream by Linakiri" and still a huge lack of participants after a week. A way to win a totally free illustration and make some of your (kinky) fetishes come true but nothing. It seem some don't understand or noticed about the contest, other are not into pokemon so can't find ideas (that's understandable) and other don't have interested for the raffle. Must admit I feel depressive.

I promoted the event on my deviantart profile and Lunakiri too but no answer from this side. I wanted to find a way to make visitors participate and also win a free illustration and made an impression in the blog. But after 5th editions I can't say it's a success... U_u

Today it's a day sweet and lovely duo with Peach by SoulArt45, both are so adorable with cute face and also can't miss these garterbelt. The mix into cuteness and sexiness really make a powerfull combo and the result is amazing... It's the 29th illustration I received of Rosalina and Peach, but for people who want to say "Again" I'll answer that's the best point. Each artist his own style and idea so it also look different. I love how they look with SoulArt45's style... Thanks so much... \(^o^)/

And about style, I must admit SoulArt45 one is really interesting. Maybe close to manga style but really more lovely. Peach look so joyfull and this little smile for Rosalina make her more mysterious but still so adorable. Also love the feeling moving from top tp bottom, two adorable faces, some perfect breasts (and nice view too), after that it's the dress who are wonderfull and kinda shorter to end with a last sexy touch. I wonder if we can say that SoulArt45's drawing is ecchi or still so soft, maybe soft ecchi... What your opinion guys?

Now the last thing I want to say is that you must take a look to SoulArt45's gallery (here) So much adorable and lovely ladies but as if his illustration with Rosalina and Peach is one of the sexiest he made, it's not the sexiest. But sincerely, this one from SoulArt45 is still my fav... Oh yeah... XD

Artist: SoulArt45  /  Cost: 0$ (request)

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Saturday, October 4, 2014

October 2014 - Smash bros. available on 3DS

As if the adult version is still in progress it's October and Mavruda really did an amazing job with the soft version that it was impossible to resist more to show you his work. I agree it's not a girly scene as expected with the blog but I think the adult will be more close to a kinky yuri duo (let's see) and after Rosalina one of my fav in the game is Samus... I love her new design with high heels... °w°

Not use to present characters on this new wallpaper Mavruda made, just want to say that Captain Falcon is kinda powerfull. Also love Mavruda's idea and the situation, all there powerfull fighters ready to jump on Rosalina who look so calm, maybe because she still don’t understand she’s now on Smash Bros. or she know she will easilly kick their ass… What is your opinion guys?

For sure Mavruda is really talented and now used with Rosalina in this case she look so beautifull, innocent and pure (but can still surprise us during the battle) and in his adult drawings he can make her look so naughty and still so beautifull... Mavruda is damn powerfull...

Now before the second version and if you are curious to can join Mavruda's site (here) for more of his art. By joining you can discover all his illustration and more surprising fetishes and also have the original version of all illustrations he made for the "wallpaper calendar". You can also visit his HentaiFoundry account (here) if you are curious to see more before join and maybe give him a little comment, you know it's also nice to hear that people love what you do (work for Mavruda and me too). Oh yeah... ^^

Sunday, September 28, 2014

Original - Keyra

I thought I had time to prepare the last update before left internet for the week-end but  not enough time. Already updated bonus page (here) and also the soft blog (here) but no time to complete this post. Next step will be to upgrade the wishlist, I forget to note the last illustrations I received on the list and why not add some new ladies. Any suggestions guys?

And about the comic, due to some familial obligations Ska Jr Zombie wont be able to work on the comic a lot so you will have to wait a little more before it get available on the blog. I'm really sorry about that and here is a little illustration as bonus, the final design for Rosalina suit. Personally I love it, Ska Jr Zombie really have amazing ideas... °w°

Today it's a special illustration, not by the drawing itself but the way I received it. This illustration was made as art-trade with rapgeekman that I asked him to pair Rosalina with his beautifull character Keyra (she's so beautifull as sexy, gorgeous). The problem is that I'm not an artist and for my part of the trade I commissioned an other artist to draw rapgeekman request. He wanted an illustration of Keyra curious to see her with an other style and it's finaly war-off-evil who drew. You can see his illustration on the right.

As you can see on this illustration and with illustration about her on rapgeekman's gallery she's generally wearing modern clothes and high heels. I love so much high heels so it was an excellent point and as you can see rapgeekman is really talented and I was sure Rosalina must look amazing with his style.

This illustration is just marvelous, both are so beautifull and I love so much the dress rapgeekman designed for Rosalina. Other excellent detail is about pose, they look like two beautifull American pin-up. Must be powerfull as poster but the original illustration is too small. Maybe a postal card, must be excellent... °w°

Now if you want more, once again feel free to visit rapgeekman's gallery, he recently posted a now illustration of Keyra with a new hair style but still damn beautifull as sexy (you will love her top). You can also commission rapgeekman, like his level and power his prices are really fair and he's also open for requests. Any reason to resist?

Artist: Rapgeekman  /  Art-Trade

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