Friday, December 19, 2014

(December 19th) - Welcome in my collection ... Yeah...

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Soft blog
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Hi guys...
I'm not here to upload my art (I don't draw) but to show all my collection and find great Artists  for help me raise my Rosalina collection... I'm in love with this Nintendo character and want to have a huge collection of her with other female characters (Yeah, just girls, what a pervert... ^^).

About Rosalina:
Rosalina, knows as Rosetta in Japan or Harmonie in France, is the adoptive mother of the Luma race (the stars) and overseer of the Comet Observatory. She first appeared in Super Mario Galaxy for the Wii, and has also appeared in Mario Kart Wii and 3DS as an unlockable character. Rosalina  wears a silver crown, has platinum blonde hair with a side-fringe, a frilly light blue dress, and carries a wand. Rosalina appears in a non-playable role in Super Mario Galaxy 2, what a pity... T_T

About my collection:
My dream is to have a lot of pictures with Rosalina, of course, but with an other female character, it can be a manga, video game girl or and OC. Sexy is great, but a little soft touch is not so bad. A pervert can love funny and cute too... ;p

Now I'm looking for commissions or (the best) for artists who accept request, I have a wishlish with more than 350 girls and a full body colored drawing with 2 characters, Not very cheap... But it's the price... ^^

Actually: 513 drawings ( 272 girls - 65 OC - 90 Solo - 16 Pokemons )
Enjoy it and if you want to participate, don't hesitate contact me... ^^

If you like this blog, don't hesitate to comment,
follow or promote it... It must be really nice...

Want my mail:

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Special - Giant Racoon Goomba

One new follower on the twitter today, thanks . If it continue on that way I'll have more on twitter than the blog but you can be sure it's so powerfull to "see" you guys, better than a guest visitor who increase the counter by 1. I can know who people are and also since they follow it mean they love it and that's a great support. Oh yeah... ^__^

Also worked on the guro page today, if you don't like this kind of piece don't worry, you can't find they regularly visiting the blog, only people who find a guro illustration out of the blog are able to find the page so don't worry. You can be sure I take care of my visitors but don't hesitate tolet a little comment if you have any suggestion or trouble.

Today I'm finally able to show you RollieFingaz's illustration (love that name), I had to report it to publish December calendar I just received cause it's already middle of December. If everything fine the adult version will come before christmas. But back to RollieFingaz, this illustration "This was inspired by a conversation I had with RosalinaxGirl about his favorite character. It gave me chance to practice on some things". I fell so honored... °w°

Must admit this illustration look special on a yuri blog and this goomba don't seem to be a female but I love the result and RollieFingaz's idea, after all I always wonder what goomba can do without hands but as racoon they know how use their new tail. RollieFingaz also had the kindness to draw Rosalina for me and there is some excellent details so you can be sure I had to publish it, I'll just say today is a more original post than usual. XD

The main question about the Goomba is what he have in mind and will do with Rosalina,must keep an eye on him and also enjoy that view. Just don't say I'm pervert but can't close our eyes if we don't want lost the goomba so no choice, Mwahahah. I love how RollieFingaz drew Rosalina, really expressive as sexy, a perfect ass, some lingerie and high heels (I love high heels). With a little imagination it's easy to animate this illustration, the goomba running and Rosalina who shout for help. You can be sure you made a powerfull illustration RollieFingaz, thanks so much... \(^o^)/

Also guys if you are curious don't hesitate to take a look to RollieFingaz's gallery, there is really interesting and various illustration, to beautifull and sexy ladies to a Destroyer mutant Gummy Bear (yeah, really). He's really talented and I'm sure can be epic with more practice but without some nice comment and feedback not easy for artist to find motivation. Don't hesitate to come and let a little comment to RollieFingaz, as if it's short you can be sure he will have a great power... Oh yeah...

Artist: RollieFingaz  /  Cost: 0$ (Request)

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Tuesday, December 16, 2014

[Calendar] Fire Emblem - Lucina

Still 49 followers on the blog since a long time, where is the 50th? Also guys I'm glad to see some of you vote on the pool under posts. Also feel free to leave comments and give me your opinion, feedback or ideas. I want to be sure everybody enjoy visiting the blog but don't know what you feel, I'm not a mentalist (for the moment)... ^^

And Christmas is coming, I'm sad I don't have picture for this event but I will have the calendar to celebrate new year, just wait to see what Mavruda will imagine for this new piece... °w°

And about Mavruda, this illustration was planned to be the one with the goomba (yeah, still don't believe it), I received the illustration of December Wallpaper (SFW version) and must show it ASAP, we already are in the middle of december so kinda late but Mavruda really had so much work with his site and always to his best so I'm just happy to be able show you his new piece... Oh yeah... \(^o^)/

This time, I must admit the safe version is kinda sexy, more ecchi than safe but in December, Smash Bros. is now available on WiiU and it mean compared to the 3DS version we have now Rosalina in HD. And must be stupid don't have more beautifull and detailled clothes so time to give her some beautifull lingerie, and love Mavruda's illustration.... Can't wait to play with her, *Nose bleeding*...

The other lady is also playable on Smash Bros. She joigned for this new version and is freaking powerfull, able to block an attack and give it back, how dangerous but like this she look really more lovely and sexy, I let Mavruda pick the second girl he want to be with Rosalina and Lucina is an excellent choice. Both look so calm but you can be sure once they will enter the battle with these suits, oponents wont be able to fight, how powerfull... Mwahahahah...

Once again, congrat for this amazing illlustration and thanks so much for your efforts Mavruda, also guys if you are curious feel free to visit his sites or the free version but if you want exclusivity and amazing piece the first one is for you. Also thanks to the lovely Suika who helped me edit a little the wallpaper to add some text. Must learn to use photoshop and do it myself next time.

Artist: Mavruda  /  Cost: special
Website free:

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Friday, December 12, 2014

Pokemon - #350 Milotic

This post come late, really busy with work and you know how it's hard to get motivation after a bad day but I must be serious about the blog and can't leave so easily. For Rosalina and also as honor to all artists who contributed and are now waiting to see their illustrations here. I wont forget you guys...

Also looking for a someone who lives in Japan and can help me get a Rosalina amiibo. As if there is some sites where I can find it, due to taxes on products it's freaking expensive at the end... O_o

Was a long time without new piece to add on "Where is my pokemon?" project and I'm glad to show you this powerfull illustration I received from RedBenjamin. He decided to pair Rosalina with an humanized Milotic and must admit I love that idea. With eevee evolutions, Gardevoir and Lilligant, Milotic is one of my fav pokemons and she's now here. Thanks so much RedBenjamin... \(^o^)/

You can be sure each illustration I receive is a huge surprise. As me the more important is the artist have fun and freedom so RedBenjamin was free to pick the character he would love to draw and came with a amazing girl, I hope you like his illustration too guys. In fact I let too much freedom that artists sometimes forget about the main theme of the blog and I receive curious pairings, you will be surprised by next publication btw.

Both are really beautifull and this saliva bridge add a more kinky and sensual touch, seem Milotic was curious to see how taste Rosalina and for sure she must love this sweet princess love juice. I also asked to RedBenjamin gave that expression to Rosalina, she look not satisfied and kinda annoyed, he said "I meant to make her smile, but it doesn't show very well with that mouth i'm not use to". Maybe Rosalina is sad that Milotic stopped but for sure they will have lot of fun together, oh yeah... °w°

Once again, thanks so much for your kindness and this awesome piece RedBenjamin, you really did an excellent job with coloration, light effects on Rosalina's crown and Milotic body. Guys, if you want to see more don't hesitate to take a look to his Deviantart (here) and also Tumblr (here) for extra things.

Artist: RedBenjamin  /  Cost: 0$ (Request)

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Monday, December 8, 2014

Dota 2 - Legion Commander

Nintendo finally announced Rosalina Amiibo on the 3rd batch. She will be available in France on January 23th (you can see the French box on the right). don't know about the rest of the world, I think will be the same for everybody but once I have time I'll check for other countries. As me the figure look great, just hands and chest who look kinda special but she's really cool, can't wait to have one...

Must buy more than one but must be more fun to have from various countries and different boxes, like one from Japan, one from USA, one Korean... Etc... Must be so powerfull... °w°

Now let start this week introducing DnK161 and his illustration pairing Rosalina with Legion Commander from Dota 2. I played so much Dota once I was at school, as if I moved to League of Legends instead of Dota 2 I always keep an eye on both games characters. Legion Commander is the first of the series to join Rosalina. New character, series and artist, good job DnK161... ^^

DnK161 made an excellent illustration, I really love colors and make a pendent version of Rosalina medallion to keep it as if she's naked is great. It seem DnK161 really love piercings, two one Rosalina and as if I'm not a huge fan of this it make her more rebel so that make the duo with Legion more realistic. Now both look so sexy as dangerous, be carefull guys.

A great piece but you can be sure not the best that DnK161 made, since this one he published other illustration and really increased his level like his last publications, the last girl look gorgeous, damn beautifull as sexy with her latex suit, can make a powerfull wallpaper. Feel free to take a look to DnK161's gallery, there is so much cool characters... Oh yeah...

Artist: DnK161  /  Cost: Request

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Thursday, December 4, 2014

Solo - Pin-up power

Just noticed that the Rosalina and Juri post I made before was the 480th publication in the blog. If we count 10 per page it mean there is 48 page to enjoy, don't sound really impressive at start but it's quite a challenge to move to the first post I made 3 years ago. You can use the wishlist to move directly to the post but must know it at start, and my english was so bad that I wont help you. sorry guys... :p

Also, today it's Tallon's birthday and if I talk about that it's because he's an incredible and powerfull guys who helped me so much with the blog and not only in fact. Happy birthday Tallon... \(^o^)/

Today it's soft but I freaking love that illustration made by angelikaTobi, a lovely artist from deviantart who really deserves that you take a look to her profile and gallery. You must love her style, really. Once I found her on Deviantart, noticed a kiriban was ON and decided to try. Had to keep an eye on angelikaTobi's profile for a long time but I finally won and the result is just damn powerfull, she made an excellent illustration...

You can be sure I asked for a Rosalina illustration after caught angelikaTobi's kiriban (10k) and it was a wonderfull idea. A so beautifull and lovely pin-up but the best is with her hair style. It's like she have horns who give her a more rebel and ahgressive look but she keep a lovely and innocent face. At the end with have a powerfull mix into cuteness and power, so beautifull as dangerous, love so much your drawing angelikaTobi... Thanks sooo much... °w°

The dress is also really beautifull, angelikaTobi drew it like regular clothes but keep it to the original one. we can see Rosalina navel and with some other points the dress is really close to her body, it add a sexy touch and there is also a wind effect, it look more dynamic. angelikaTobi made a powerfull illustration; expressive, lovely, sexy and dynamic, what a powerfull combo... Look wonderfull...

Once again if you want to see more weel free to take a look to angelikaTobi's gallery (here). So many cool pics from a simple bust to lovely couple or comic. If you are interested by commission just keep in mind that this kind of illustration cost less than 1$ for the moment (really). angelikaTobi really do her best with commissions and for this price it's more than cheap.

Artist: angelikaTobi  /  Cost: Raffle

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Saturday, November 29, 2014

Street Fighter - Juri Han N°2

You can't imagine how it's hard to find a site when you can upload a video with adult content and when you can find code to integrate the video to other blog. Since I was banned from a site I must find a new place for speedpainting videos from Suika and Grillo illustrations. If you know some nice places feel free to drop me a note, must be really helpfull.

Also edited the Curriculum page adding infos about Shash Bros. on 3DS and WiiU. I was surrpised to see that the 3DS version was availale in Japan 3 weeks before the rest of the world but they will be the last to have the WiiU version. I wonder what the reason...

I'm sure a lot know street fighter and all powerfull ladies in this game, personally I played it a few times but must be a shame if Rosalina don't spend have some fun trip in this universe and seem she really love it to be with Juri Han for the second time. A really fun illustration made by ttrop. You can see on the right the first illustration I received with Juri, as you can see she love to play with Rosalina's body but this time it's not so sensuel as Rosalina (and Luma) expected, I really love ttrop's idea and illustration, thanks so much... \(^o^)/

With Smash Bros., Rosalina is now a true fighter with against Juri she don't have experience, ttrop gave them great expressions, Juri look so happy yo play with her new pet and Rosalina keep and adorable and innocent face, maybe a day she will be the mistress but for the moment she have to be ready to all kinky ideas from her master. Other nice detail, the way ttrop drew Juri's breasts add a dynamic touch, we can imagine her moving rythmicaly and Rosalina ass bouncing, so hot...°w°

As if Rosalina and Juri are gorgeous, ttrop also made an amazing background, so much cool ideas and fun details. I know Mario wont give troubles in that way and first time I see bondage on a Luma, Interesting... A really nice style and Gallery, don't hesitate to take a look to ttrop's gallery on HentaiFoundry (here) or if you prefer he also have a Tumblr acount (here). Enjoy...

Artist: ttrop  /  Cost: 0$ (Request)

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Wednesday, November 26, 2014

Nintendo - Daisy N°8 (Bikini and high heels)


I have a huge problem with the Speedpainting page. I used the site Wistia to upload two videos that Youtube too explicit for youtube but I was reported and banned. I'm now looking to a site where I can upload my videos and have a code to integrate them to the blog. Any suggestion guys?

Also, Smash bros. is coming soon but about Amiibo, the Rosalina one wasn't announced. For sure it must come next year with the Zero Suit Samus one (love her new design) and I'm sure she will be so freaking beautifull. Can't wait to see more and maybe more products with Rosalina... °w°

Planned to update Rosalina's C.V. (smash bros. isn't in the list for now) but due to problems on Speedpainting page everything is in hold but not a reason stop publish and today there is a new epic illustration made but the powerfull otakuwill, he have an excellent style and nice fetishes (sexy pin-up and high heels). I asked him to take part to the blog and he accepted creating a marvelous and damn sexy duo with Daisy. Thanks so much otakuwill... \(^o^)/

I found otakuwill from his hottest illustration with Sailor scout on rule34. I love so much high heels and adding a lovely girl with damn sexy pose you can be sure I wanted to see more and that's why I otakuwill on Deviantart. You can be sure I was amazed with his gallery, so much wonderfull pin-up and for sure all with high heels. Was impossible don't "spam" hi about the blog and after that I end with a nice friend and powerfull duo in bikini. I hope you like it...

To be honest I don't remember why otakuwill chosen Daisy to be with Rosalina but for sure he made an excellent job, an the main point was about high heels and he didn't forgot about it. That pose and action make them really sexy and sensual but keep it soft like true pin-up.

Love how Daisy hold Rosalina bikini and seem she will slowly remove it and must be more intimate after that (love otakuwill's idea). In other hand like Rosalina and Daisy expression they are looking at us and maybe just want to tease us but the show must be epic. I wonder what otakuwill have in mind with this illustration but each one can make his own story, that's the true power of a great illustration. Just let your imagination make it alive and enjoy the show... ~__^

Artist: otakuwill  /  Cost: 0$ (Request)

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Sunday, November 23, 2014

Borderland - Gaige [Speedpainting]

Suika is reall dangerous, she's really kind, talented and have powerfull ideas, it's why my budget thinks she's dangerous in fact. She suggested to use a chibi Rosalina as mascot to illustrate the blog as example for all buttons. For sure it can look so beautifull but must have like 10 illustration to commission, can't really for the moment. If only Rosalina's Delivery Service comic can be more popular, don't be shy guys, you can be sure you will love it... ^^

Four illustration (and many more updates) this week, must be more calm after that. spent so much time on the blog this week just because I was really lazy, that's not cool but you can't imagine how many time and energy it need af for all artist who put so much efforts to draw Rosalina... Oh yeah...

So much to come with this illustration I commissioned to Suika, she accepted to record her drawing sessions to make a speedpainting video (here) and it gave me the idea to create a page to regroup all speedpainting I made or received with illustrations I published on the blog. The one from Suika is the 5th speedpainting so if you are curious to see how artists work feel free to take a look. Just hope a day I'll also have a record of a traditional painting, must be powerfull... °w°

Now before spend some time on this new powerfull page you must enjoy this new illustration by Suika. After Moxxi (here) and Lilith (here) it's time for Gaige from the Borderland series to join and have an intimate and sweet moment with Rosalina. Generaly Suika is more into sensual and romantic illustration but it can be really more naughty when she's into tentacles and it also depend of the commissioner wishes.

I really love this drawing, Suika made a wonderfull illustration, really sensual and detailed. As example as if I'm not a huge fan or piercings the one one Gaige nipples are cool and there is also a huge work with shadings. For the second part feel free to take a look at the speedpainting video (here) to see more about Suika's technique and power... That's always really interesting to see how an artist work. The original was 45mn length but I thought is must be a little to much so there is a new one with speed x3.

If you want to see more Suika, feel free to take a look to her Hentaifoundry gallery and why not ask for a little commission to see her make your (naughty) dreams come true. Must commission her again in the future once my budget gets better and I think to Rosalina with Suika's OC: Suika. Yeah, she drew herself and look so beautifull as original... I'm sure you will love her guys.... ^^

Artist: Suika  /  Cost: 40$

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Friday, November 21, 2014

Pokemon - Rosalina and Dratini (Raffle)

New update on the Wishlist page, I added all recent illustrations, some girls from the game Unchained Blades (if someone know) and slowly remove links to characters infos. Wanted to link all character to his wiki but the code is so huge and must delete that part to make easier to manage cause the code is already damn huge for a blog page.

It's also a special day from my friend Tallon, today we celebrate Haku Yowatsune birthday and Tallon love her so much as me with Rosalina. Here is a little piece by Lunakiri, still not finished but I wanted to publish it today to celebrate Haku birthday. I hope you like it my friend... ^^

Today as promised here is the winner illustration from "Your dream by... Edition 5" with the so lovely and amazing Lunakiri. I received some excellent ideas and to be honest there is some I must keep for later so it's like there will be more winner but for the moment it's Ren's idea that Lunakiri chosen: "Adrian as a Dratini in a pool with Rosalina!". Congrat to Ren and thanks to all participants. I hope everybody love the final illustration.

At start I was a little septic with Lunakiri's sketch due to the idea to put a mask on Adrian. for sure it's a nice detail to make her more close to the original pokemon but they look so cute and adorable in this situation, the mask is like BDSM. Maybe cause I'm a little to much pervert but I wanted Lunakiri to remove the mask at start. Finally Adrian keep it and it seem she love it: "Adrian doesn't have a problem with it. She has a preference for being the dom in a relationship".

I love won Lunakiri colored Adrian's (Dratini) suit, she also made a wonderfull piece when Rosalina is dressed as Vaporeon and this one must come soon, I'm sure you will love it. She alredy have an excellent style but always try new things and techniques so we may have some surprises in the future.

You must keep an eye on Lunakiri if you love her style and naughty stuff, she's actually working and a webcomic named FuckDoll and you can be sure it's hot as you can imagine with this title. Kinky girls, sex and hypnotic stuff will be here. Also Lunakiri generally goes with safe illustrations but after that I think I wont have regrets to ask more naughty pieces with Rosalina... Eh eh... °w°

Artist: Lunakiri  /  Cost: Raffle

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